SSP Technology focuses on high quality craftmanship

SSP Technology designs/develops XXL offshore prototype blades

SSP Technology combines newest technology and experience for optimal blades

SSP Technology supplies moulds and root joints for wind turbine blades


You are more than welcome to contact us if you need additional information or if you have any questions concerning our company, products or services.

You can contact us by using the e-mail addresses or phone-numbers below.

Gemalvej 15A, Kirkeby
DK – 5771 Stenstrup
Phone: +45 63 24 40 00
Fax: +45 63 24 40 09

CVR/UID 26 03 14 43
Bank: Danske Bank, Finanscenter Fyn, Albanitorv 2 – 3, 2. floor, 5000 Svendborg
Registreringsnr. 4366  Kontonummer 7951573374

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